"I Voted Early" Sticker Set

Our stickers ran all over social and on campuses in Florida as buttons, posters, OLVs, OOHs — even flyers.
Design by Luke Hughett

Only thing better than wearing an I Voted sticker? Beating your friends to it.
Design by Daniel Ramirez Perez

Design by Luke Hughett

Posters contained all the necessary info: How, when and where to vote early.
Design by Luke Hughett

Design by Steven Wilson

Design by Steven Wilson

Design by Luke Hughett

Animated for social

Animated for social

Animated for social

Vote early. Brag to your friends. :)


In 2018, Florida’s Secretary of State tried to shut down early voting at colleges — a way to disenfranchise thousands of college-age voters.

What do we know about college kids? They love Instagram/selfies, fashion and signalling/peacocking.

So playing off the pride people have in wearing the ubiquitous “I voted” stickers, we teamed with the amazing illustrators Daniel Ramirez Perez, Steven Wilson and my longtime creative partner, Luke Hughett — to convey a simple message to students: Don’t just vote. Vote early.

We created buttons that ran all over social, Snapchat, as posters, flyers and OOHs around college campuses in Florida.

Which resulted in:

1,348,099 impressions

Double the average Instagram click-thru-rates

Over 8800 Snapchat shares

Thousands of early votes cast successfully


Wethos.co: Agency

Sean Lee & Luke Hughett: Creative Directors

Steven Wilson: Designer

Daniel Ramirez-Perez: Designer


Creative Director


All Voting Is Local


Nov. 2018