“Trailer”: 30

We created a character (Ted) and a place (Purdy House of Paint) to tout the world’s most bad-ass paint brush. This is the trailer for it, and him — a man who can turn watercolor punks into full-fledged painting gods.

This is the long-form annotated video housed on YouTube. The asterisks (inactive here) linked to “splinter” videos that had deeper product content.

“Sweat” splinter video.

We created a bunch of splinter videos. Each one conveyed a single message about the brush. This one speaks to its unvarnished handle.

“Alderwood”: 15 SOCIAL

We shot 57 shots in one 12-hour day. So in addition to the long-form video and splinters, we got as many great extras as we could write on the spot. This is one of them. About the hallowed Alderwood trees, which breathe life into every Purdy brush handle.

“Painter’s Creed”: 45 SOCIAL

Painters are insanely proud of their brushes. So we created this Painter’s Creed to invite them to tell us about their brushes. How long they’ve been in use. The toughest jobs they’ve done. Anything else they want.

“Popsicle” splinter video.

All about Purdy’s proprietary flagged and tipped bristles as well as their commitment to quality.

“Stephanie” splinter video.

Introduces us to the craftswomen who make every single Purdy brush.

“Powerlock” splinter video.

The inner sanctum. The tools of the true master. Use them wisely.

“Knowledge”: 15 SOCIAL

More wisdom Ted can impart on you in the House of Paint.


We created a character (Ted) and a place (House of Paint) to tell the world about the world’s most bad-ass paint brush: A Purdy. And to dole out lessons designed to turn watercolor punks into full-fledged painting gods.

The main piece is a long-form interactive/annotated video that linked to other “splinter” videos with deeper content.

Purdy brushes and rollers are typically a few dollars more expensive than their competitors. But most contractors say they’re well worth it.

The character here is intentionally ridiculous. The brushes are anything but.


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